B2 IP Webinars

Bejin Bieneman hosts a monthly B2 IP Webinar series that covers an array of topics relating to U.S. patent practice. The typical structure of the webinar consists of one attorney who presents on a topic that is prevalent to the intellectual property law world. Throughout the webinar, attendees are free to ask questions using the chat feature of the WebEx program. The presenter opens up the floor at the end to any additional questions or comments. Once the webinar is complete, the recording of the series is then made available on our webinar videos and podcasts page, YouTube, and the audio version can be listened to on our B2 IP Podcast channel - see below for more information.

Past Webinars:


B2 IP Podcast

The webinar audio recordings are available on B2 IP Podcast. You can subscribe to the B2 IP Podcast channel on the following platforms:



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