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Launch of New Bejin Bieneman IP Blog, B2 IP Report

Detroit, MI (May 24, 2017) – Bejin Bieneman PLC, a full-service intellectual property law firm based out of Detroit, announced the launch of its new blog, B2 IP Report ( B2 IP Report is an aggregate source of content covering all aspects of intellectual property matters, specific to software and claim interpretation.

Blog posts from B2 IP Report are pulled from Bejin Bieneman sub-blogs, The Software IP Report and The Claims Interpreted Report.

The Software IP Report examines patent law specific to computer and electronics and covers complexities that arise when software intersects the law of intellectual property. The primary author, Charles Bieneman, along with others at the Firm, analyze intellectual property in recent legal cases – providing examples and sharing lessons for practice.

The Claims Interpreted Report provides insights on how to draft specifications and claims when prosecuting patent applications by covering three main areas: Ex parte PTAB appeals, IPR claim construction, and Markman claim construction. The primary author, Christopher Francis, along with others at the Firm, analyze recent patent claims by providing meaning to words and how they are interpreted in the world of law.